A Collection of Practical iPad Tips for Teachers

A Collection of Practical iPad Tips for Teachers


iPad has tons of awesome features that can help you make the best of this versatile tool in both your professional and personal life. In today’s post we are sharing this collection of iPad tips we curated from

Apple’s Tips App for iPad

. Our purpose is to provide you with a handy visual aide to use in class, in your office at home, or take anywhere you go. We have included what we think are important functionalities to boost your productivity and enhance your overall ‘iPadding’ experience. The tips we have featured include how to:

  • Add photos to texts
  • Add titles without typing (in Clip app)
  • Insert stickers in texts
  • Search your iPad and find things quickly
  • Close all your Safari tabs at once
  • Quickly react to a message
  • Open webpages side by side
  • Quickly open camera
  • Magnify the fine print
  • Save anything as PDF on Safari
  • Take a screenshot
  • Remove web clutter
  • Talk instead of type
  • Have iPad speak to you
  • Manage a group chat
  • Send an audio message

This visual is also available for free download in PDF format  from

this page


16 Handy iPad Tips for Teachers

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