10 Things Every Teacher Needs To Survive

10 Things Every Teacher Needs To Survive



What a teacher needs depends on the teacher. Emerging learning trends, data management resources, literacy strategies, digital tools, exemplar curriculum models, increased or decreased autonomy, classroom management tips–this is a list that could get long fast.

But sometimes it can be those less visible characteristics that can dictate teacher success, which makes the following presentation by Jonathon Colman possibly useful.

At TeachThought, we sometimes share resources not expressly written for educators if they seem like they a fit, and after years in the classroom, we definitely think all 10 have a place. Your thoughts?

1. Humility

No matter your change-the-world goals, teaching can offer up humility in large doses. The more you naturally carry, the better of you’ll be.

2. Wonder

Working nose-to-nose with otherwise strangers for months on end to help them learn about the world around definitely creates a sense of wonder.

3. Optimism

You’re never as good as you think you are, and never as bad as you think you are either. Always see the glass half-full because the alternative serves no one.

4. Service

Teaching is a service profession–carry it in your heart, your thoughts, your words, and your actions!

5. Coffee

Or tea. Or Red Bull. Or, if you must, Diet Coke.

6. Introversion

Collaboration is forced on the 21st century teacher from all directions. Sometimes it helps to take a step back and decompress, regroup, and prioritize alone.

7. Agility

When everything changes direction quickly, you need to be able to as well. Data teams, new standards, new technology, new local priorities–the only constant is change.

8. Energy

See 1-7.

9. Humor

When all else fails, laugh at yourself–or the craziness around you. Better laugh than cry.

10. A Story

Your students will always appreciate a good story–storytelling is a lost art in the 21st-century classroom. So have one–have many–and tell them frequently. Stories humanize.

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February 10, 2019 at 07:09AM



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