How to Install Google Docs Add-ons Individually and School-wide

How to Install Google Docs Add-ons Individually and School-wide

I’ve written about Google Forms and Google Docs add-ons in a coupe of recently posts. It occurs to me that if you’re new Google Docs, you might not know how to install the add-ons that I’ve featured in those recent posts.

How to Distribute Add-ons School-wide

If you’re in a school that uses G Suite for Education it is possible for your administrator to install add-ons on your behalf. That’s a great option when you to ensure that all of your students have the same add-ons correctly installed. That process is

outlined in this video


How to Install Add-ons Individually

Installing add-ons on your own is a great way to try them out before deciding to ask your G Suite administrator to add them to your students’ accounts. To do this simply open the “Add-ons” drop-down menu while viewing any of your Google Documents and then select “Get Add-ons.” When the “Get Add-ons” menu opens you can browse for add-ons and read their descriptions. When you find one that you want to try, click the blue “+Free” button. The whole process is demonstrated in the

following video


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March 5, 2019 at 12:36AM


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