Langscape – An Interactive Map of Languages

Langscape – An Interactive Map of Languages


is an interactive map created at the

Maryland Language Science Center

. The Langscape interactive map displays more than 6,000 markers representing more than 6,000 languages. Each marker represents the native language of that location. Zoom-in and click on a marker to learn more about the language. When you click on the marker you will be able to find more information about that marker through links to pages on



Language Archives

, and Wikipedia. Those pages will provide information about whether or not the language is extinct and its origins.

Applications for Education Langscape

could be a good resource for students to consult when researching the history and culture of a place or region in the world. Students may be able to use the information available through Langscape to learn how the native language in an area contributed to the dialect and or accents present in that area today.

H/T to Maps Mania

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via Free Technology for Teachers

March 28, 2019 at 10:28AM


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