4 Important Guides from Apple to Help Teachers Make The Best of Technology in Their Teaching

4 Important Guides from Apple to Help Teachers Make The Best of Technology in Their Teaching


Apple Education’s “Everyone Can Create” series features some interesting guides to help teachers and students make the best of technology  (precisely mobile technology) in their teaching and learning. The guides contain tips, lesson plans, activities, and several other resources to guide you through an effective integration of technology in your classroom. We have already featured each of these guides in separate posts in the past but if you have missed any of these posts below is a short overview of the published guides together with links to where you can access the full guide.


Everyone Can Create: Video

In Everyone Can Create: Video, students will get to develop video and filming skills and learn how to put them to work in educational activities in class. For instance, they will be able to learn how to: create a video introduction, a movie pitch, a teaching show, a documentary, a video of a live event, and a short film. To access this guide you need an iOS device with Apple Books on iOS 12 or later, and iPad with iBooks 2 or later and iOS 5 or later, an iPhone with iOS 8.4 or later, or a Mac with OS X 10.9 or later.


Everyone Can Create: Music Everyone Can Create: Music

 developed for music teachers and students. It provides a wide variety of music-based activities  to help students build key musical skills and take their creativity to the next level. More specifically, students will get to learn how to make: a short musical piece, their own remix, a two-part drum groove, an instrumental song, an original gap, an original song and many more.


Everyone Can Create: Photo

In “Everyone Can Create: Photo”, students will get introduced to a variety of educational photo-based activities that will help them learn new photography skills and explore new learning possibilities using the power of photos. More specifically, they will get to learn how to create: a personified picture, a portrait from the past, a story in a single photo, a moment in motion, a personalized collage, a photo documentary, a portfolio of their favourite photos and many more.


Student App Showcase

This guide contains resources and ‘customizable materials’ to be used while planning for the showcase event. There are three stages leading up to final app showcase: the preparation stage in which students get to prepare a three-minute pitch, the planning stage that consists of attending to : showcase formats, judging the showcase, invitations and promotion, and recognition. The final stage is the sharing phase where students get to share their final products.

My Lesson Planning


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