What old English perhaps sounded like

What old English perhaps sounded like


In this clip, an Englishman circa 800 A.D. is asked to chatter about his life. He understands the eallníwe léasspellung but prefers the old talk.

A fun little thing to show reconstructed pronunciation of textbook Old English in a casual setting. I’ve tried to throw in a few natural abbreviations (for example ‘c rather than ic), but I know I missed the mark on one or two of the diphthongs. Either way, hopefully this gives some idea as to how the language sounded in casual speech. Message or comment if you’d like any clarifications, want to correct me on anything, or if you’re just interested in the topic and would like to know more! I didn’t have any decent Anglo-Saxon clothing…

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June 4, 2019 at 12:45AM



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