Video: “Pixar’s Secret Formula For Making Perfect Films”

Video: “Pixar’s Secret Formula For Making Perfect Films”

Ramdlon / Pixabay

This is a new video from Insider that explains Pixar’s storytelling technique, which holds insights for any student or adult writer. Unfortunately, there’s a very short clip of John Lasseter near the beginning and, if I was going to show this to students, it might provide an opportunity to discuss his sexual misconduct issues and examining if art can be separated from the artist. Or, of course, you could just fast-forward through that part.

I’ve previously shared Pixar’s technique explained in different forms:

Here’s an infographic version of Pixar’s rules for storytelling that was co-designed by TED Talks

A slideshow:

Here’s the video:

My Lesson Planning


via Larry Ferlazzo

June 22, 2019 at 09:54PM


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