3 ways to use AI in the classroom

3 ways to use AI in the classroom


AI in the classroom has many possibilities - here are a few of them.

Get ready, everyone. GenAlexa has questions, and it wants immediate answers.

The term GenAlexa elicits chuckles, but the Alexa Generation is very serious in its demand for immediacy and accuracy.

“Today’s kids are used to just asking Alexa for homework help, for answers to questions,” said Hall Davidson, Discovery Education’s senior director of global learning initiatives, speaking at ISTE 2019 in June. “Remember when you rode your first bicycle? The next generation will say, ‘I remember the first day machines understood me.’”

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Davidson is well-versed in AI’s place in the classroom, and the more you listen to his predictions and expertise, the more they ring true.

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August 9, 2019 at 07:04PM



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