27 Birds, 27 States – A Good Nat Geo Series for Kids

27 Birds, 27 States – A Good Nat Geo Series for Kids


A few years ago National Geographic Kids started publishing a series of videos called

50 Birds, 50 States

. For some reason they never got beyond 27 states. The 27 videos that were released do present a fun way for students to learn some basic facts about each state.

The videos are presented as animated rap videos featuring a bald eagle and the state bird of the state that the video features. For example, the video about Maine features an animated chickadee rapping with an animated bald eagle. Is it a bit hokey? Yes, it is. Would elementary school students like it? Yes, they probably will. You can find the videos

here on the National Geographic Kids website


here on YouTube


Applications for Education

The YouTube versions of these videos are good candidates to be used in services like


to develop simple video lessons for students to complete on their own or with guidance from you.

Here’s my tutorial

on how to use EDpuzzle to create a video-based lesson.

My Lesson Planning


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August 9, 2019 at 11:44PM



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