“Speechling” Looks Like A Nice Site To Practice Speaking English & Other Languages

“Speechling” Looks Like A Nice Site To Practice Speaking English & Other Languages



Speechling is a free site that shows your words or phrases in a language that you are learning, provides their translation in a language you know, plays a recording of it being said in the language you’re learning, and then gives you a chance to record yourself saying it.

You can then compare what you said with how it should be said correctly.

The site also says that a “coach” will listen to ten of your recordings and give you feedback, and you can pay for him/her to listen to more.  I couldn’t see any way to “opt-out” of the coach feedback, but I guess it couldn’t hurt.

I’m adding this info to The Best Sites To Practice Speaking English and to The Best Multilingual & Bilingual Sites For Learning English.

I learned about the site from Russell Stannard at Teacher Training Videos, who has a great YouTube Channel.

Here’s his video about Speechling:

My Lesson Planning


via Larry Ferlazzo https://ift.tt/UbeXsh

November 5, 2019 at 11:42PM



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