Now You Can Reuse Google Classroom Rubrics

Now You Can Reuse Google Classroom Rubrics

A few months ago Google started rolling-out a rubrics tool for some Google Classroom users. To get access to the rubrics tool your domain has to be enrolled in the

Google Classroom Beta Program

. I was fortunate to get access to the beta a couple of months ago to test Google Classroom rubrics. At that time it didn’t offer the option to reuse rubrics so you had to create a new rubric for every assignment that you gave. Fortunately, that is changing as

Google has announced

that those who have access to Google Classroom rubrics can now reuse rubrics.

Here’s my video

on how to create rubrics to use in Google Classroom.

My Lesson Planning


via Free Technology for Teachers

November 20, 2019 at 03:23PM


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