A Great Update to Screencastify

A Great Update to Screencastify



is a tremendously popular screencast recording tool. A large part of its popularity comes from being easy to use on Chromebooks. In fact, last fall I helped eighth grade students use

Screencastify in conjunction with Brush Ninja

on their Chromebooks to make simple animated videos. As great as it was Screencastify wasn’t without limitations. Those included a monthly limit on the number of videos you could make and placing a watermark on all videos. As of last week those limitations are gone!

Last week

Screencastify announced

that the limitation on the number of videos you can make in month has been removed from the free plan. Furthermore, the requirement of having a watermark on the videos you make with the free plan has been removed. The only limitation now is individual videos must be under five minutes long.

In addition to removing limitations from the free plan Screencastify added new features to the free plan. Those new features include trimming videos, exporting videos in three formats (MP4, MP3, GIF), and additional sharing features. The new sharing features are one-click QR code generation, embed codes for placement on your own website, and one-click sharing via email. Those sharing features are in addition to the already present option to share directly to Google Classroom.

Applications for Education Screencastify

is a fantastic tool for students and teachers to use to create short videos. Some of the types of videos that I’ve had students make with Screencastify include whiteboard-style instructional videos, simple animated videos, and one-take video journal entries. Of course, Screencastify is great for screencast videos to show students and colleagues how to use a new program or website.

Screencastify is one of the tools that is featured in my upcoming course,

Video Projects for Almost Every Classroom

Thanks to Brad Dale for Tweeting about the screencastify update last night.

My Lesson Planning


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January 15, 2020 at 03:34AM



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