A Great Set of Videos for Teaching Networking and Computer Hardware Concepts

A Great Set of Videos for Teaching Networking and Computer Hardware Concepts


As some of you know, I’m took over a computer science program at my local vocational/ technical high school this year. It has been fun and, at times, has made me feel like a brand new teacher again. When I took the job I told my director that I’d be fine with the programming side of things. It was the networking and hardware that I was concerned about. Fortunately, I’ve been able to brush-up fairly quickly with the help of some instructor resources from Cisco and a great YouTube channel called

PowerCert Animated Videos


PowerCert Animated Videos

offer clear and concise explanations of big concepts in computer hardware and networking. I’ve been watching them as refreshers for myself. I’ve also been using them in lessons for my students. I alternate between showing them to the whole class and incorporating them into


activities. The PowerCert Animated Videos that I used in lessons this week were

FTP Explained


DHCP Explained


On a related note,

here’s my demonstration

of how to create Edpuzzle activities.

My Lesson Planning


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February 1, 2020 at 06:56AM



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