15 Sites for Keyboarding/Typing

15 Sites for Keyboarding/Typing


Keyboarding or Typing is one the first and most vital skills for students to learn for technology literacy.  This skill is the building block for using a computer and one that starts as early KDG if not sooner.  Also, this is a nice skill/unit to teach in using "centers or blocks", free time, or even summer school.
*This list is in alphabetical order

15 Sites for Keyboarding/Typing
  1. ABCya – A fun site/app for kids trying to learn how to type in games such as: Alpha Munchies, Cup Stack Typing, and Jump Key.
  2. AlfaTyping – A good site for typing resources as well as tutorials and walkthroughs.
  3. FreeTypingGames.net – A nice little site for practicing different skills for typing such as "home row" and "WPM" (words per minute).
  4. Learn 2 Type – A simple site to check a student’s words per minute.
  5. Learning Games for Kids – A great site for educational games including over 20 games for Keyboarding.
  6. Nitro Type – An interesting site that uses a worldwide real-time competition to help students strengthen their skills.
  7. Power Typing – A nice collection of 5 online Typing games.
  8. RoomRecess – An excellent site for games for all subjects including Typing.  Some of their more popular games in Keyboarding include: Letter Bursts, Popcorn Typer, and Launch Key.
  9. TypeDojo – A wonderful site that lets students grades 1st-8th practice their keyboarding skills while printing out detailed reports/certificates. 
  10. TypeKids – An innovative game which introduces students to keyboarding/typing w/ over 30 interactive lessons.
  11. TypeTastic – One of the best sites around for learning how type w/ educational portal, that uses Game Base Learning to teach keyboarding skills.
  12. Typing.com – A very popular site to find a wide range of typing resources such as: games, tests, lessons, and more.
  13. Typing Agent – An amazing site for grades K-12 for learning how to type.  Best of all are the abundance of features that Typing Agent offers users such as: teacher dashboard to track/monitor student progress, educational games, learning how to code, and more.
  14. Typing Web – A excellent free typing tutor that has a teacher portal for student tracking.  Also, certificates can be printed out on completion of lessons.
  15. TypingClub – A fun site w/ educational portal that now only has instructional videos but unveils a unique story the more a student types.
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