Casio makes calculator web service, learning tools free to support math study during school closures

Casio makes calculator web service, learning tools free to support math study during school closures

Casio Computer Co Ltd announced Wednesday that it has now made the full PLUS suite of its web service for mathematical calculations free of charge worldwide in order to support students and teachers dealing with school closures due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Normally available as a paid subscription, the PLUS suite gives users access to all of’s most advanced function calculation and graphing features. Casio has also made its Manager and Emulator software applications free of charge for teachers conducting online classes. Both will be free until Aug 31, 2020*. is a web service that allows users to calculate functions, make graphs, and perform both statistical and geometric calculations. Users can freely arrange their numerical formulas, geometric figures, and graphs in the browser window. Casio is now providing the highest-grade PLUS suite free of charge—giving all users access to a computer algebra system (CAS) that can perform a wide variety of calculations based on expressions as well as other advanced features such as the ability to handwrite math input. Graphs and other data created on can be saved and shared for individual learning at home and online classes.

The other offering now made free, the Casio Manager and Emulator software applications for teachers, can be used to reproduce the operations of scientific calculators on PCs. Both apps work with video conferencing tools to make it easy for students to see graphs and formulas the instructor writes on his or her screen during an online class. Even when students cannot meet in person for class due to school closures or stay-at-home orders, teachers can use these tools to teach calculation methods easily via the web. Simply download and install the software applications from the special website below.

Free Offering Period

From April 15 through Aug 31, 2020

*CASIO ClassPad and CASIO fx-CG500 apps (iOS/Android) only

Special website:

Source: Casio Computer Co

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April 16, 2020 at 07:45AM


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