By Request – How to Create a Timed Quiz in Google Classroom

By Request – How to Create a Timed Quiz in Google Classroom

I’m taking a

digital portfolio approach

to assessment in our remote learning environment and

using EDpuzzle

for little comprehension checks. But my approach to assessment isn’t the only one you might take. In fact, a more than a handful of people have asked me via email, Twitter, and even a phone call (a colleague of mine) about using Google Forms for timed quizzes. It is possible to deliver timed quizzes by using a combination of Google Forms, Google Classroom, and Form Limiter.


this new video

I demonstrate how to you can create a timed quiz in Google Classroom by using Google Forms, the Forms add-on FormLimiter, and the scheduling function in Google Classroom.

Step-by-step directions:

1. Create a new quiz assignment in Classwork in Google Classroom.

2. Create your quiz in the Google Form that was created by step 1 above.

3. Install the

FormLimiter add-on

for Google Forms.

4. Enable a date and time limit in the FormLimiter add-on.

5. Use the scheduling tool in Google Classroom to make your quiz live at a specific time.

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via Free Technology for Teachers

April 23, 2020 at 08:30PM


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