Japanese sword master reviews the movies, shows how it’s done

Japanese sword master reviews the movies, shows how it’s done


Kaito Suiju, a master swordsman and descendant of Samurai, here reviews and rates movie scenes depicting the usage of Japanese swords and techniques.

He also debunks some of the commonly-accepted myths and legends around samurai history and culture, and points out where Hollywood gets it wrong. During the video Master Suiju demonstrates the correct method of how to grip and move with a katana sword, as well as talking us through the different parts of the sword.

1968’s Harakiri wins top marks, of course, and turns out to be the master’s own inspiration. Tom Cruise is a perhaps-predictable "surprise", showing evidence of meticulous training and preparation for an otherwise Cruise-tastic role and scoring a solid 8/10. Some anime, however, earns only impassive praise of its depiction of fabric and comes in last at 5/10.

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July 11, 2020 at 12:05AM



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