Why Am I Still Using Social Media?

Why Am I Still Using Social Media?


Dean Shareski, Ideas and Thoughts, Nov 11, 2020


You wouldn’t think this would be a question that needs asking, but in today’s world with so many toxic aspects of social media, it’s a serious question. As Dean Shareski says, " If you’ve watched The Social Dilemma or done any other extensive reading, you’re quite aware of the harm it has and continues to cause our society." It used to be better; "one advantage of those early days was its lack of status and metrics. Everyone was equal and I think it made things less competitive as there was nothing to compete for." And it became too easy to lose our vision of social media as a happy place and to begin contributing our “airing of grievances“ (and sometimes, I guess, feats of (verbal) strength). And yest, says Shareski, "I still find value and take pride in making someone smile." Perhaps that’s enough.

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November 12, 2020 at 07:43AM



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